Mother with her Child

About Us

begin before we became parents; way before we thought of tender skin, tiny feet, diaper rash and the need to shield the small person who has changed our life forever.

One day we stumbled across a research over the Internet that established that just 10% of cancer cases are genetic, while the remaining 90% are induced by

day-to-day life.

Just think of the fact that every day, we use an average of between 6 and 12 routine products and each of them could contain dozens of toxins and chemicals.

So, we thought: how come? Instead of feeling ran over by these findings with a sense of fear of the future, we began to think and then study in every possible channel the nature of daily products that we consume for our children, compiling a variety of present off-the-shelf products.

We have identified a need for an increase of awareness to natural and green products among mothers, especially mothers to babies.

We embarked on a journey, paying attention to each and every product entering our home, resolved to remove products that contain chemicals and other various pollutants that make their way into our children's little and vulnerable body.

We took this insight, and turned it into action and familiar products with an innovative texture and natural scents, thus breaking the boundaries with products that were unknown so far.


Elysium | Baby is a family company. 

We started as a young couple of parents – Tomer & Neta  with the birth of our first-born son, Ben.

We design our products thinking of our Ben and his needs.

We at Elysium Baby believe that our babies deserve a safer world, greener environment and a better place to live.

We believe that our babies deserve a world in which they have the freedom to explore, play, smile and laugh, but most importantly they deserve a healthy environment.

Elysium Baby’s products help us achieve just that. 

Behind each of our ingredients at Elysium Baby's products stand 3 simple but important rules:


Natural – We do not think there is other option for our babies! Best Ingredients – We will not settle for less. Recyclable – We care about the


future of our babies. Elysium Baby products are designed to give us parents, peace of mind in knowing we give our babies the best we can.

We utilize our best minds and professional tools to not only create products that are natural and safe for our babies, but also to think about us, the moms and dads, and how to make our life easier.

Our products are ergonomically designed, easy to use and they get the job done right the first time, every time - so we have more time with our lovely babies.. We choose to stay local and family, we love our customers and listen carefully to any proposal for improvement they have. 

Our customers can really influence on how our products will look like in the future. This gives us the edge, as we can be more creative and independent, and stick to our vision to fulfill our customers’ needs.


Thank you for joining the Elysium Baby family.

we will do everything we can to make you feel like home.

All the products underwent SA (Safety Assurance) tests, are safe for use with babies and children and were proven to be particularly effective.

- Certification by the Israeli Ministry of Health

- All our products passed all the required inspections and meet the most

   meticulous standards for baby products.

- Certification by the Ministries of Health and compliance with standards in the

   US and the EU.

- FDA certifications.