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Mother with her Child

begin before we became parents; way before we thought of tender skin, tiny feet, diaper rash and the need to shield the small person who has changed our life forever.  

One day we stumbled across a research over the Internet that established that just 10% of cancer cases are genetic, while the remaining 90% are induced by day-to-day life.  

Just think of the fact that every day, we use an average of between 6 and 12 routine products and each of them could contain dozens of toxins and chemicals. So, we thought: how come?  Instead of feeling ran over by these findings with a sense of fear of the future, we began to think and then study in every possible channel the nature of daily products that we consume for our children, compiling a variety of present off-the-shelf products.

We have identified a need for an increase of awareness to natural and green products among mothers, especially mothers to babies.

We embarked on a journey, paying attention to each and every product entering our home, resolved to remove products that contain chemicals and other various pollutants that make their way into our children's little and vulnerable body.

We took this insight, and turned it into action and familiar products with an innovative texture and natural scents, thus breaking the boundaries with products that were unknown so far.


Elysium | A healthy world to babies | was founded some three years ago by Neta and Tomer, young parents to Ben (6) , Maya (5) and Rona (4m) who have, out of personal care and general concern, decided to generate innovation, upgrading the variety of babies' beauty, health and hygiene products, aiming at development and manufacture cosmetics, beauty and health for babies and children, creating a cross-family usage experience.


We developed a series of unique beauty, hygiene and health products friendly to humans and the environment as well, combining unique, natural and select components, utilizing pure organic oils, natural herbal extracts, non-allergenic aromatic substance, using natural preservation systems as well as developing modern and pleasant textures and odors.

The trend sweeping through the beauty world these last yeats revolves around the natural, organic and green.  


They are playing our tune!  Following the clear trend, the market for natural beauty and hygiene products for babies and children is growing and nesting itself in the daily consciousness.


The products, developed by cosmetic specialists, are manufactured in Israel, undergoing the harshest inspections and hold all the licenses and comply with all the standards as required in Israel and the US.


All the products underwent SA (Safety Assurance) tests, are safe for use with babies and children and were proven to be particularly effective.


- Certification by the Israeli Ministry of Health


- All our products passed all the required inspections and meet the most

  meticulous standards for baby products.


- Certification by the Ministries of Health and compliance with standards in the US  


- FDA certifications.

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