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The new natural creation of Elysium

an innovative formula specifically designed to protect the sensitive skin of babies. Finally… a particularly gentle shampoo soap that effectively cleans while safeguarding the skin and hair of the baby. It is based on an innovative formula, free of any preservative materials, mineral  oils and SLS parabens, or petrochemical materials. The soap nourishes and enriches the skin with moisture and softness and leaves it soft, clean and pleasant to the touch. "Elysium soap and shampoo" is precisely suited to the skin and scalp of the baby. It is enriched with minerals from nature and composed of a mixture of essences and oils:

Prickly pear cactus, aloe vera, pomegranates and olive oil to cleanse and soothe the skin and the scalp and prevent irritation and redness. The soap maintains an optimal acidity level to protect the natural layer of the skin and prevent drying and stimulation of the skin. The soap contains the pro vitamin B5 which is renowned for its moistening, soothing and renewal capabilities for the skin of the infant. The soap possesses a pleasant and real natural scent (no allergens) which makes bath time an unadulterated pleasure. For daily use, beginning from the first bath.

  • Based on purely vegetable materials, which are absolutely biodegradable.

  • Created solely from organic oils and natural vegetable essences!

  • No synthetic foaming, thickening or preservative materials. The foaming materials in the products are extremely gentle, natural and vegetable, and provide a perfect result in foaming and gentle cleaning.

  • The bottles and the packing materials are made of recycled and absolutely biodegradable materials.

Usage instructions: The scalp and skin of the baby must be moistened, and the correct amount must be pumped out – soap well and rinse. Warnings : the product should only be used for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance to the usage instructions. Swallowing is prohibited. Eye contact should be avoided. Keep away from children. Do not use the product if sensitivity to one of the components is known.

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