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Anti-bacterial, ecological, water-based liquid. Designed for washing, cleaning and disinfecting utensils, bottles, pacifiers and breast pumps; Effectively removes dirt and leftover food / milk. User-friendly and friendly to the environment, children and infants. Elysium soap for utensils, bottles, pacifiers and breast pumps does not contain any toxic substances and is naturally biodegradable. The liquid is one of the products in Elysium's range of ecological products, which are designed to preserve the quality of our environment and keeps it free of toxins; while at the same time promising security and safety when used on products for infants and children. Elysium dish soap conforms to the READILY BIODEGRADABLE Standard which protects human health as well as the environment.

Instructions for use: Elysium soap for utensils, bottles and pacifiers is a ready-to-use liquid, you must not  mix it with any other substances. Wet a sponge / cloth / bottle-cleaning brush with the liquid, scrub the dirty object, wait for a while and then rinse with water.

* KEEP LITTLE ADVENTURERS HEALTHY! sterilizing their bottles, dishes, pacifier and all surrounding surfaces with a reliable baby bottle detergent! Let them explore in safety every little corner of their room universe with the #1 ANTIBACTERIAL baby bottle cleaning solution!


* A PREMIUM ORGANIC PRODUCT! Rich in natural HERBAL extracts and absolutely FREE of parabens, alcohol, phthalates, sulfates and SLS, it is a VEGAN liquid baby soap. GENTLE to skin and hard on bacteria, it is a NATURAL antibacterial dish soap that will safeguard your little angel’s health with its potent ORGANIC formula!


* WITH RESPECT TO NATURE! No animals have suffered for the manufacture of this baby bottles & dish soap! It is a 100% ECOLOGICAL, RECYCLABLE 13.5 oz (400ml) bottle containing pure ALL-NATURAL baby bottle washing detergent, prepared with respect to the environment! It makes the GREEN toy & pacifier sterilizer soap that helps saving Mother Earth!


* WASHING MADE A BREEZE! The advanced cleaning formula brings convenience in your baby gear washing! Rich INSTANT lather production causes NO RESIDUES, while the ERGONOMIC PUMP saves you TIME and EFFORT in rinsing, as well as MONEY on wasted bottle wash product! Easily PORTABLE, it makes a travel baby bottle cleaner to follow you everywhere!


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