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The Elysium body and facial lotion is an innovative formula for infants that is enriched with plant essences: prickly pear cactus, aloe vera, pomegranates, green tea and plant oils: olive oil, Jojoba, calendula, almonds. The lotion protects the gentle skin of the infant and soothes the skin.


The lotion is intended for infants from the day they are born, nourishes the skin of the infant, enriches it with moisture and keeps it soft and pleasant to the touch.

The lotion is enriched with high quality oils to protect the skin and support its natural protective covering.

It is suitable for daily use and is excellent for massaging the body of the baby.

The lotion does not contain any parabens or mineral oils.

The scents are allergen free.


Usage instructions: rub every day a generous amount on the desired regions and massage until full absorption. Suitable for use for both the body and the face. Can be used to soothe irritated and red areas and sooth the skin.

After use of the lotion the skin will be pleasant, velvety and soft to the touch. It is recommended that the lotion be stored at a temperature of up to 25 degrees.

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