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An anti-bacterial, ecological, water-based liquid. Designed for washing, cleaning and disinfecting fruits and vegetables; User-friendly and friendly to the environment, children and infants. Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh and clean and leaves no aftertaste. Elysium liquid for washing, cleaning and disinfecting fruits and vegetables does not contain any toxic substances and is naturally biodegradable. The liquid is one of the range of ecological products made by Elysium aimed to protect the quality of our environment and keep it free of toxins; it also provides a high degree of security when using it on products for infants and children. Elysium products conform to the READILY BIODEGRADABLE Standard that protects human health and the environment. Instructions: Dilute 2 tablespoons of the liquid to each half liter of water; soak the fruit / vegetables for 2-minutes, rinse with water and eat. 

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