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Quality control

For us, commitment to quality, safety and health, environmental management and safeguarding a high production level is not a slogan – it is a way of life.


We are committed to maintain the highest level of quality in each of the components of our activities, while implementing and maintaining requirements according to any law, national standards and regulatory requirements.

This applies to all steps in the process: purchasing raw materials, absorbing and storing materials in our warehouses, the production processes, filling, packing and supplying the final product to the full satisfaction of our customers.


  • Raw materials – we meticulously ensure that we use only the highest quality, natural, innovative and most advanced materials.

  • Product development – we perform extensive examinations and constant assessment of the quality and safety of our products in every step of the manufacturing process.

  • Manufacture of the products and their packing – we perform extensive investigations during the production process in order to ensure that the products leading the factories reach our clients in high quality and safe to use conditions.

  • Environmental management – we perform the production, packing, storage and transport processes while safeguarding the environment and preventing environmental contamination.


Vegan friendly – meets the vegan trademark

All of Elysium's products are vegan products with the vegan trademark and they meet all criterions, contain no animal components, including milk or meat, including : poultry, cattle, fish, swine and so forth. Nor do they contain honey, including Beeswax, bee combs and so forth | eggs or animal skin products | any animal secretions | no animal experimentation


Standards and safety:

Our hygiene products meet the standard set by the British Standards Institute and the Common European Marker 1276:1997 / BS EN. Our environment friendly products are manufactured under the standard mark of the Israeli Standards Institute and the company meets the requirements of the Israeli standards institute standard 14001 – 2004, standard 9001 – 2008. These products are environment and human friendly and are composed solely of green components! The factory holds an ISO standard and is supervised by the Israeli Agriculture Ministry.


The fabric scents have undergone safety assessments in a European assessment institute and were found to be safe and environmentally friendly for both children and infants. The products obviously do not contain any alcohol, parabens or SLS. The factory operates under an Israeli standard mark and has undergone ISO and all of the required assessments.

All of the cosmetics are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the American FDA.


The products are packed and attached by the volunteers and members of the Gesher NGO, a daily employment framework which includes vocational training and rehabilitation for adults with moderate mental developmental handicaps.


Kosher dietary laws : all of the products are kosher.

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