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An innovative formula which brings home some of the nicest nature blossoms, alcohol free and babies-friendly, safe for the environment as well as for children and infants. The fragrance is intended for use on fabrics and can be sprayed inside children's rooms. Elysium fabric fragrances have bubbles of refreshing and friendly scent which dispenses fresh and clean aromas with every movement or contact with the cloth; the bubbles of fragrance remain on the fabric for 12 hours. The fabric fragrance will bring freshness and the scent of the outdoors into your children’s room and will neutralize any unpleasant odors. Instructions: Shake well | Move the safety stopper to release the lever | Maintain a distance of about 30 cm from the fabrics while spraying | Keep away from the face | When first used, press at least three times to start spraying | For perfect spraying, hold the bottle vertically and press on the spray lever | A durability test should be made on the fabric type before using the product.

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