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Toys Highchairs & surfaces cleaner  An anti-bacterial, ecological, water-based liquid. Designed for general  cleaning of surfaces and toys, effectively removes dirt and bacteria from toys, food utensils and  contaminated surfaces. Suitable for use on all types of surfaces: plastic, marble, Formica, wood,  textiles, carpets, work-counters and other surfaces. Elysium’s Toys & Surfaces cleaner, is user-friendly and made for keeping the enviroment of children and babies safe; Does not contain any toxic  substances and is naturally biodegradable. This Cleaner is one of Elysium’s ecological products, made out of thinking on protecting our environment and keep it free of toxins. ELYSIUM’S Toys & Surfaces Cleaner provides  security when using it on products for infants and children. Elysium products conform to the READILY BIODEGRADABLE Standard that protects both human health and our environment.

Instructions for use: Elysium spray to clean toys and surfaces is a ready-to-use fluid, do not mix it with any other substances. Spray the area you want to clean and wait about a minute, scrub well with a damp cloth or sponge and then wipe.

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